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The most important resource that you can have for ensuring a safe supply of drinking water for your family in an emergency is KNOWLEDGE. We are happy to present our “Understanding Red Cross Recommendations for Treating Water in an Emergency,” laminated quick-reference guide. This laminated guide is essential because in an emergency situation your mental-power can be diminished due to fear, illness and dehydration, which means that you may not remember what you know about safe drinking water. You need this Quick-Reference Guide so you have all of the vital information in an emergency. It’s laminated so you can store it away and not worry that it will get ruined if it gets wet.

Most people don’t know that the Red Cross has excellent, scientifically based recommendations that tell individuals how to properly treat water in an emergency. I want to make you aware of these recommendations, but I want to go further. I think that everyone needs to understand WHY the Red Cross recommends what they do, because when you are in an emergency situation you need to be able to adapt. You need to know specifically what to do and—more importantly—what not to do. This laminated quick-reference guide also shows you how to go beyond the Red Cross recommendations.

This quick-reference guide instructs you on…
• Problems that can threaten your water supply in an emergency.
• Health effects from water contamination (and why water after a crisis can be very dangerous).
• The Red Cross recommendations for properly treating water in an emergency.
• Understand WHY the Red Cross recommends what they do.
• Know how to go beyond Red Cross recommendations in a safe way.
• Know what to do and more importantly, what not to do.
• Learn how to make your own water distiller.

This Quick Reference Guide is just as important as having the Survival Still emergency water distiller in an emergency.


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