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The most important resource you can have for ensuring a safe supply of drinking water for your family in an emergency is KNOWLEDGE. We are happy to present our “How To Treat Water in an Emergency,” laminated survival guide. This laminated guide explains the dangers of contaminated water, why an emergency situation is different than other times, why children are at greatest risk and most importantly, it explains the Red Cross and FEMA recommendations for treating water in an emergency. In addition, it gives you a 7-point checklist for getting prepared.

So why do you need multiple copies of this laminated survival guide…

1) In an emergency, providing your family with safe drinking water WILL become your top priority.

2) Your power may be out and your internet may be down, so you need this physical document to refer to. Plus, it’s laminated so you can store it away and not worry that it will get ruined if it gets wet.

3) In an emergency, your mental-power can be diminished due to fear, shock, illness and dehydration, which means that you may not remember what you know about safe drinking water.

4) Have one in each car and bug-out bag.

5) Give one to all of your neighbors, because you will be safer in an emergency if you are surrounded by healthy people.

6) Give multiple copies to your friends and loved ones.

7) Distribute to people in your church or workplace.

8) Finally, it’s important that you have a number of these on hand, because when an emergency strikes and people are desperate for water, you can’t afford to give away all of your bottled water (or your 30-day supply could be gone in a day), but you also can’t ignore people in need. So give them KNOWLEDGE! Hand these documents out to people in need so they can take care of their own families.

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