Announcing Our Summer Sale!

If you have been thinking about buying the Survival Still, now is the time.
(And don't forget that Father's Day is next week!)

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We Have Two Great Special Offers For You...

Special Offer #1: $40 OFF the Survival Still!

For our Summer Special, we are offering our biggest discount yet off of our flagship product. The Survival Still is the single most effective water purifier on the market, period. Purify pond water, sewage water and even ocean water, FOREVER and without any deterioration in quality over time! No other product can make this claim. We only offer two sales per year, so get yours today!

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Only $239 ($40 Off) Plus S&H

Special Offer #2: Up To 80% OFF Bulk Orders of our Laminated Survival Guide!

The most important tool you have during an emergency is KNOWLEDGE. So why should you order our laminated survival guide in bulk? After an emergency, you will want to help people without putting your own family at risk by giving away all of your water. So give them the knowledge they will need to protect their family. Give one to each of your friends and family, your neighbors and everyone at church. By giving them knowledge, they can then tell others how to keep themselves safe, so your act of generosity can help many people. We are having a tremendous sale on this survival guide, so order now!

  Buy 50-Pack Now
Only $89.99 (70% Off)
  Buy 100-Pack Now
Only $148.99 (75% Off)
  Buy 500-Pack Now
Only $595 (80% Off)

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