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 FINALLY! Listen To Music Without Shutting Out The World Around You. 
ZULU Audio Speakers Attach Directly To Your Clothing Using Magnets... 
Now You Can Run, Bike & Work While Being 100% Aware Of Your Surroundings!
For Safety’s Sake, You MUST BE AWARE of what’s going on around you!
ZULU Audio wearable Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy quality sound while you cycle, run, walk or even work without compromising your safety. Take your music with you AND remain aware of your surroundings!
Who Uses ZULU Audio? 
Runners & Bikers
You need to be aware of traffic at all times. ZULU Audio allows you to enjoy your favorite music while remaining aware of traffic.
Workers & Contractors
ZULU Audio allows construction workers, painters, landscapers & others to listen to music while remaining aware, alert & safe.
Mothers & Homemakers
Listen to music while walking a stroller, at the park and at home... ZULU keeps you aware of kids, the doorbell, animals & other noises.
Soldiers On Base
Headphones are banned on base. ZULU was created by a Marine pilot who wanted to enjoy his music while running on base! 
Hikers & Nature Lovers
You love the sound of good music. You love the sound of nature. Now you can experience both! Take your next adventure with ZULU!
Skaters & Rollerbladers
On the street or at the skate park, ZULU let's music be a part of your lifestyle while keeping you aware of cars, trains & other riders.
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Experience Immersive Sound, Incredible Convenience & Unsurpassed Safety All From One Device.

Why People Choose ZULU Audio...
  •  The sound quality is amazing. Convenience & safety don't matter if they sound bad. Well, they sound great. We worked hard to make sure you'll love what you hear.
  •  They don't cover your ears or block out the world. Sometimes, you want the world to go away and headphones are great. But, not when you're running, cycling, on the job or need to hear your baby crying. When you need to stay connected, ZULU is the answer!
  •  They're light weight, easy to attach and never move! ZULU was invented by a U.S. Marine who wanted to listen to music while on duty! (Headphones aren't allowed on military bases.) They'll stand up to anything you can throw at them.
  •  They're a great deal! ZULU Audio wearable bluetooth speakers start at just $99 - less than half of what other popular headphones cost. All the components are high-grade and built to last. AND... right now we're giving away FREE Gifts with every pair! 
ZULU Wearable Bluetooth Speakers Are Designed For People Who Want To Take Their Music On The Go & Remain 100% Connected To Their Environment.

For years, people have been asking for one simple thing - to be able to listen to their favorite music WITHOUT covering their ears. We heard you... 

That's why we created the world's first pair of wearable bluetooth speakers. They attach directly to your clothing using magnets. They sound amazing because the speakers are high-quality and the sound is more open and ambient.

You can turn them up, down, or off instantly with the click of a button AND... they also have a microphone allowing you to take hands-free calls. 

ZULU Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers are the device you've been waiting for. 
Here's How They Work...
Frequently Asked Questions...
How do they attach?
Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers attach directly to your clothing using strong magnets. You can position them anywhere and they never come off.

How do they sound?
They sound great. We knew that convenience and safety wouldn't matter if you didn't love the sound. ZULU Audio wearable bluetooth speakers are made form high quality materials with full spectrum sound.

Are they loud enough?
Yep. They're plenty loud. They sit right under your ears so you'll be able to hear the amazing sound quality in the city, on the trails, in the back country or wherever else your lifestyle takes you. 
Why would I use them instead of headphones?
Headphones are great when you want to shut out the world. But, not when you need to stay aware of what's going on around you. Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers keep you connected to the world. 

Am I going to disturb people around me?
Nope. Another great thing about the magnets is that you can position the speakers any way you want. When you're in a crowd, point them directly up at your ears. You'll be able to hear them clearly at lower volumes without anyone else knowing you even have them on. 

Where can I get them? 
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